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Liebster Award

Thanks to Small Adventures Big Life for nominating me for the Liebster award.  Here are the questions she asked me:
1. Why did you start blogging?  Because typing comes more naturally than speaking.  Barks are hard to interpret.
2.  What have you learned from blogging?  Not everybody thinks I’m as cute as the Lovely Lady, aka my mom, does.
3.  What inspires you?  Treats and belly rubs
4.  What do you do when faced with hard times?  Lick my paws
5.  Who is your favorite comedian?  Garfield
6.  Who is your favorite musician?  my favorite singer is definitely my momma
7.  What is your favorite book?  Don’t be silly, dogs can’t read
8.  What are your hobbies?  Butt licking, running in the yard, naps
9.  What is your favorite TV show?  I don’t watch much TV
10.  How do you start your day?  din-din!
11.  How do you end your day? snuggling
11 Random facts about me:
1.  I’m lazy
2.  I like to nap, wake up, and nap some more
3.  I’m small, but I’m not a lap dog
4.  I don’t like swimming
5.  I hide under the bed if water is running
6.  I get really excited when I get wet food
7.  I hump when I’m excited
8.  I have a favorite pillow
9.  I love my bed
10.  I love my momma’s bed more
11.  I like rides.



What can I say?  I’m a jealous pup.  Mom likes to crochet.  Guess what happens when she crochets?  Her hands are busy.  Yup, both of ’em.  So then she can’t pet me.  I’ve got a solution, though.  I sit on top of her project when she takes a bathroom break.  She won’t move me cuz she likes to see me comfy.  So I win!  Woof!




Haircuts Ain’t No Fun


I was supposed to get a haircut today. My hairs were in my eyes and I could hardly see.  You would think I would be grateful that my lovely lady wanted to help me see.  But you think wrong.  I like to hide back there behind the hair.  So when she was trimming my hairs I did my best to squirm away.  As soon as I got a chance I broke free, ran outside, and did not return for hours.  Now I look like this.  My right hairs are short and my left hairs are long.  When I ran away, the  lovely lady threw her hands up and said some silly words that I don’t understand, but I think it means she’s not going to try again.  Needless to say, I am ashamed of myself.  And I don’t have any hairs to hide my embarrassment.